• Horned Locust Goatscaping...

    Horned Locust Goatscaping...

    I recently spent a spectacular dawn tromping through the brush with the dogs, goats, woman and horse who comprise Horned Locust Goatscaping. Inspired by some of the memorable working dogs I've met on assignments at farms, I've begun a portrait project on working dogs. The dogs on this morning were Zuli and her daughter, Shadow, two australian shepherds who herd the goats with breathless exhuberance and vigilance. Click here to see the Horned Locust Goatscaping brigade

  • Los Poblanos Inn

    Los Poblanos Inn

    The historic Los Poblanos Inn is a hidden verdant treasure among Albuquerque destinations. Originally home to the New Mexico "Creamland" dairy in the 1930's, the property has grown over the years to include the La Quinta Cultural Center, a lavender and organic farm, which supplies much of the produce for the haute cuisine of La Merienda restaurant, and the daily breakfast provided with accommodations at the Inn.

    Something transformational happens as you turn off the main country road at the sign for the Inn, and continue down a single lane driveway, framed with a canopy of trees, arriving at the historic architecture of the Inn. This isn't the hot, arid, concrete Albuquerque you left behind just a few miles ago - it's utterly magical, green, quiet and calming. No wonder it's such a popular destination for travellers, and host to weddings and events throughout the year. 

    Executive director Matt Rembe recently undertook a major project to extend the Inn's accomodations, adding new buildings in a rustic, farm style designed to echo the Dairy Farm origins. The attention to detail in this new addition is exquisite, from a custom font designed by font Foundry House Industries for the depth numbers in the salt water swimming pool to the re-use of antique dairy cow tags for "do not disturb" signs. 

    I had the pleasure of photographing the new addition to Los Poblanos Inn on assignment for Local Flavor magazine, and thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to roam, explore, and visually capture this landmark. Just, wow.

  • The Deck at Tanti Luce

    The Deck at Tanti Luce

    This summer saw the brilliant debut of a new Santa Fe nightspot - we have so few, it's a welcome introduction. I photographed the venue on assignment for Local Flavor - read more on my blog, "Eat Santa Fe".