• piecing together a pinhole camera

    This past spring, i contributed to a kickstarter project called "original pin'. it's a 35mm pinhole camera kit, and something about the simple, beautiful wooden aesthetic really captured my eye. last week, i finally received a little package in the mail: a bag full of parts.

    i was a little surprised. there were no instructions - just a link to a video tutorial (seriously, that was the biggest bummer. please, please, please make a pdf, so i'm not reliant on an internet connection and scrubbing repeatedly through video when my hands are full of pieces and glue and tools. that was truly a bit of a bummer). and i'm not particularly mechanically inclined.

    it took longer than i expected, and not everything fit together at first, but with the persuasion of metal files, sand paper and a mallet, i eventually had all the pieces in place. when was the last time you actually built or made something - even if from a kit? the treasure here isn't just the finished camera, but the whole process of putting it together was enormously satisfying. the first roll of film is in there now - it remains to be seen what the images look like. but it was still a great project for a few summer afternoons...

    more info about the camera, in case you want one, too: